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When and Where are the Classes?

Mondays 19:00-20:15 Torah Yoga in English via ZOOM.

Wednesdays 20:00-21:00 Torah from Jerusalem in English via ZOOM.

Diane also teaches Shabbat afternoon Torah shiurim in the Talpiot/Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem.
Let her know if you are planning to be in the neighborhood for Shabbat!

Summer Torah Yoga Retreats at Isabella Freedman, which have been held yearly, are currently on hold due to the Coronavirus situation.

For more information see TY at Isabella Freedman.

For Iyengar Yoga classes, check the Jerusalem Iyengar Yoga Center website.

To Register for any of the above classes, or for private classes in Torah, Torah Yoga, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, or to schedule additional public events,
please send an email.    (Note: After dodirb@ please add gmail.com to complete the email address.)

This page last updated: Mon 08 Jun 2020.