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What is Torah Yoga?

Torah is the wisdom and the way that has guided the Jewish people for thousands of years.

Yoga is the ancient practice of using breath and movement to enlighten body, mind, heart, and soul.

Torah Yoga ® offers an experience of Jewish Wisdom through Iyengar yoga instruction together with the study of traditional and mystical Jewish texts.

With the Torah Yoga ® approach you can learn and grow holistically.   By studying with your whole self, you acquire wisdom that can inspire and guide your whole life.

How Do I Learn Torah Yoga?

You can always learn from the Torah Yoga Book   This is the ground-breaking original work by Diane Bloomfield.

You can also learn the Torah Yoga ® way from weekly ZOOM classes, Private and Group Classes, Lectures, and Shabbat Retreats.   Click When/Where...? for the time and place of currently scheduled events and for information on how to schedule new events.

Online Torah from Jerusalem

Many people are interested in the textual Torah basis for Torah Yoga.   Diane Bloomfield is now teaching online Torah from Jerusalem classes which include many Torah Yoga texts.   The classes focus on Sfat Emet, the Chassidic Gur rebbe, with additional material from Rav Kook and others.   Classes are held online (using ZOOM) for an hour.   The entire class is recorded and available for download aferwards.

To register (do this first), contact Diane via an email.    (Note: After dodirb@ please add gmail.com to complete the email address.)   

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The Torah Yoga Book

The Torah Yoga book is published by Wiley (Jossey-Bass) in both softcover and e-book formats.

Publisher's Weekly says "Readers of any faith or athletic inclination should do their souls a favor and investigate this illuminating guide."   Click here to read the full Review. (pdf file, 78 KB)

You can order the Torah Yoga book online directly from Amazon.com


Click here to see the full Table of Contents. (pdf file, publisher's format, 156KB)

Click here to read an excerpt from the Introduction. (pdf file, manuscript format, 138KB)

Click here to read an excerpt from Chapter 4, The Essential Self. (only 3 postures—pdf file, publisher's format, 270KB)

Click here to see the complete Endnotes. (pdf file, manuscript format, 138KB)

Bring the book to a Torah Yoga class and Diane will write a personal inscription for you.

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