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What Happens in Class?

In most Torah Yoga ® classes, you begin with a short physical warm-up and meditation followed by learning from traditional and mystical Jewish texts.   Then you use Iyengar yoga postures and movements to access, experience, and review the wisdom in your body.   Most of the class time is devoted to learning with your body.   You not only talk and think Torah, you move and feel Torah as well.

Torah Yoga classes are open to everyone - all ages, sexes, races, and religions.   No prior experience or knowledge of Torah, Hebrew, Kabbalah, or yoga is needed.   All classes in the Iyengar studio at 3 Caspi St are two semester courses taught strictly according to the Iyengar system—drop-in is not allowed.

Whether you have learned your whole life or never even seen the letter Alef—whatever your physical shape, flexibility or strength—if obtaining wisdom in a new way interests you: ta shma—come and learn.

In classes outside Jerusalem bring: comfortable clothes, a large towel or (better) a "sticky" yoga mat, a body open to new possibilities, and a mind willing to move in new ways.

In Jerusalem, classes are taught at the fully equipt Iyengar studio at 3 Caspi St, top floor.   There are mats, blankets, bolsters, straps, etc available for everyone.

This page last updated: Mon 29 Dec 2014.